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  1. -Spring 2014 -  Big news.  Cecilia Celeste is now a trio.  Our bass player and friend Taylor Allred has moved back home to South Carolina.  We love Taylor and will miss him, his deep voice, his epic knowledge of technical gear, and of course his musical talents and making music with him.

  2. - After introspective deliberation, and Nick’s strong desire to pick up the bass,  we have decided to play as a trio. 

  3. -What does this mean for the music?  Well come and see us on March 20th at Northern Soul in Hoboken. We have a new approach to our old songs, as well over 10 brand new songs we have written this winter we plan on showcasing.  We are truly excited, and can’t wait to finish this record for you.  Look forward to a new record, and lots of new shows.
    One love !

  4. -CC